We grew up in Buckatunna

January 17, 2019

“We grew up in Buckatunna. He is 79 and the oldest man in this town.”

“I am sweet 79. I have repented and I hang out at the church and sit here with my friends. Start the year off with Jesus Christ. If you have him, you have something. I am not turning back.”
“I am disabled. I sit here and watch the women come through. Most people can read the sign or follow the red line that leads them to the restroom. We tell them all day to follow the line.  I had a massive heart attack ten years ago and the doctors told me I would never make it off the operating table. I am just thankful to be here.”
“I am a mechanic. If you can drive it, I can fix it. Anything that rolls from bulldozers to cars.”
(A man walks up asking how to find a friend)
“Cross the four-lane on the left, pass the church and it is the second trailer on the left. It is before you get to the chicken house.  There is a blue Chevrolet pickup setting in the front yard. Four-wheel drive. He was in here a few minutes ago. He is Josh’s boy.”
“Let’s go back to God. No one knows the mind of God. Who was God’s counselor? He didn’t have one. He is the beginning and end. He could give us 1,000 more years here.”
(There were three men having this conversation at the counter in the Buckatunna Chevron. The third did not want his picture taken.)


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