Don’t Make Me Cry Off This Makeup

February 28, 2017

“Mardi Gras is about going big or going home. We grew up with it and have been every year.”

“My mom and dad rode and now it is my turn.”

“We brainstorm on costumes and go shopping together. We are best friends.”

“The hubbies brought us together. They were best friends since they were three years old. Our anniversaries are a day apart so we anniversary together and Mardi Gras together. Our kids are five weeks apart.”

“She is kind and loving and unconditional. There is no judging.”

“She brought me out of my shell and makes me go places and see things. We have been to Mexico and New Orleans and I travel now because of her. She is my heart. We are each other’s muse.”

“Don’t make me cry off this makeup.”

“Our husband’s parents are best friends, too, and our kids play together. We are kind of cool, I didn’t realize it until we started talking about it.”


  1. Tiffany Horton

    Met these 2 couples on a cruise to Mexico with my BFF, I understand this friendship/bond and respect if completely!!! We all need to get together soon, ‘I’ve got the tow truck’….lol

    • Whitney Macklem

      Tiffany .. Absolutely we would love to meet up with you guys .. Whitney

  2. Amy

    Whitney has always had an adventurous spirit. Love my fun, always makes me laugh, caring high school friend. You are a true keeper!! So glad y’all have each other as friends Amy


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