Every time I throw a frisbee, it feels like setting my spirit free

February 21, 2023

“I work a lot of hours at the Civic Center during Mardi Gras, so riding with the Frisbee Club in Joe Cain is my chance to enjoy the celebration for myself. This frisbee is in memory of Travis Hall who passed away last year. He was a good friend and rode with us in the parades.

I work for the International Association of Stage Hands and Theatrical Union. We do the special events, concerts, balls, and ballets at the Civic Center. I also hang decorations for Ron Barrett during Carnival season. He is completely gifted in creating illusions.

This is the 45th anniversary of the Frisbee Club in the Joe Cain parade. We morphed into disc golf, but we still celebrate the people’s parade and day of rebellion.

I have been throwing frisbees since I was 19 years old. It is watching the joy of the flight of the disc. A frisbee is alive as long as it’s in the air. It’s almost like I am creating something because there are so many things a disc can do after it’s thrown. Disc golf courses also provide walks through nature. Every time I throw, it feels like setting my spirit free.

My favorite quote is by a professor from Spring Hill who sometimes used frisbees to teach physics. He said, ‘Frisbee is the culmination of man’s greatest tool, his hands, and his greatest desire, to fly’.

My family had a lot of tragedy. I was nine years old at a funeral when an old lady pulled me aside and said, ‘Baby, there are people in life who bury people, and there are people who get buried. You don’t get to choose’. She taught me at an early age to walk my path while I am still here.”



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