Give me time to cool down before I talk

July 25, 2018

Kids aren’t any different or better at Christian school. Sometimes they act worse.

Give me time to cool down or relax after school before I talk. Sometimes I just need you to listen and not give me advice or tell me what to do.

Don’t tell me a bunch of other things to do while I am doing what you asked me to do.

We grew up with social media. It is here to stay and a part of our culture.

Don’t just look at the grade. Understand there are things that went on when that grade happened.

I am not as smart as my sisters and I am okay with that. Don’t expect the same out of me.

Don’t ask me so many questions when I get in the car.

I am struggling in class and I don’t know what I am doing. Understand I am doing the best I can and try to help me.

We have to do the problems the way the teacher tells us to. Not the way you show me how to do them. Help me the way I am supposed to do it.

Don’t expect me to be grown up now. I am not ready to be a grown-up.

Sometimes Bs and Cs are the best I can do.

I am in college. I am more independent now. Don’t ask me where I go each time I walk out the door.

Don’t tell my dad if I ask you not to tell him.


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