He built this car from baskets and boxes of parts

October 30, 2019

“This is a 1931 Model A Ford. We have had it for four years. I didn’t buy it new. We drove to Dearborn Michigan this summer and have taken it to Muscle Shoals and Gettysburg. We can go 55-60 miles an hour. It has the original motor but it has been amped up to meet today’s standards. We have worked on cars the whole time we have been married for 53 years. I am a mechanic now fixing everyone else’s old cars and make them run. I was a tool and die maker and have always been good with my hands. It feels good to bring cars back to life.”

“He rebuilt this car from junk and parts in boxes and baskets. It took him ten months. We have made good friends doing this. People love to learn about the car and have their picture made with it. Our cars bring us a lot of joy.”


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