I am 82 years old and went dancing last night

July 9, 2023

“My daddy passed away a month or two before I was born. Mama remarried, and they farmed in the Delta. My job was picking and chopping cotton. I started selling produce in Greenwood, MS, in 1952. I was 18 and didn’t give it much thought when I started. I kept going to work and doing the same old thing over and over. I finally began selling fruits and vegetables on my own.


It is 60 years later, and I have been selling in Jackson for about 12 years. I buy produce from local farmers at the farmer’s markets and wholesale houses. My specialties are butter beans, peas, and crack pecans, but bananas are the most popular.


I am at this stand six days a week, and working with customers keeps me going. I am 82 years old and went dancing last night. I will dance with any woman who will dance with me. If one turns me down, I go to the next one. Someone will say yes. I am happy dancing all night.”




(Frank’s Produce is at 6031 Clinton Blvd in Jackson, MS)


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