I am a third-generation firefighter

October 28, 2019

“I am a third-generation firefighter. My dad was a chief in a Vermont and my grandfather was there for a time. I started at 16 as a junior member of that department. I just had my 20th anniversary in Fairhope. I have been chief for nine years. It was a big deal to become chief, my dad was proud. I also work for the city as a custodian. I came to Fairhope to visit my aunt and liked it so much I went to college here and stayed. This is the first training burn we have had in three years. It is as realistic as possible and we need this to stay prepared and work together. You can’t get this experience inside a burning building. It was so good for all four departments to come together. Fairhope averages 20 to 25 house fires a year. We also go out on other fire calls, ambulance calls, vehicle collisions and anytime the city needs us. 

We have a dedicated group who serves Fairhope well with 50 volunteers on staff at four stations. There is no paid staff, I am also a volunteer. We have been a volunteer department since 1936. We were the first fire department on the Eastern Shore and I was told we once went everywhere from Spanish Fort to Foley. We have a small budget with the city, money from the county for equipment and training, and do fundraisers. We do a fund drive letter that goes out in February or March and we get great support from the community.  We are saving the city at least four to six million dollars a year. Most people don’t realize we are a volunteer department because our level of service is high. We are men and women giving our time because we love helping our neighbors.”


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