I am coming back to life just like my town

May 22, 2023

“We moved the food truck to our lot where Chucks Dairy Bar was in Rolling Fork. We are still feeding people in need after the tornado but are also back in business on our property with a routine serving breakfast and lunch. Our architect drew up the plans for the new building. Seeing the future on paper is exciting, and the work will start soon. Almost everyone around us will have their businesses back sometime this year. I want to move forward and get my friends back to work and into their homes.

Good Morning America and Robin Roberts came to Rolling Fork a few weeks ago. They have been telling their audience how to help our town, and the show plans to return to Rolling Fork this summer and later for the grand opening of Chuck’s Dairy Bar. A group of ladies from Georgia saw the story on TV and came to Rolling Fork to help.

The tornado’s devastation was traumatic and heartbreaking. It still hits me like a ton of bricks, but we are having more good days than bad. Most days, I can let go of what happened and be in the present and move forward. I am smiling more and have started wearing a few bracelets again. I am coming back to life, just like my town. There are so many good people helping us. There are reasons all around us to be happy.”

Tracy, Part Two

If you want to help Tracy and her husband, Tim, rebuild Chuck’s Dairy Bar, make checks payable to Bank of Anguilla-Chuck’s Dairy Bar Disaster Relief Fund.
Mail to:
Bank of Anguilla
P.O. Box 188
Anguilla, MS 38721


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