I am feeling by myself in life right now

February 28, 2016

“I work in lawn care, but I have been into art since I was little and was always making things with sticks and rocks. I work a lot and started distracting myself with wood. I don’t want to just go to work and pay bills. What can I do that is different? I found a piece of driftwood on the beach that looks exactly like a rattlesnake and it is just a piece of wood. Yesterday I brought home a gaudy piece of wood and my boss asked why, but I see things to make out of it. I found a piece that looks like the end of a shark fin. My brother said ‘Dude, let’s make a shark.’ I have pallet wood in the back of my truck and I am going to make a table out of that and the shark all of the way across it. It’s going to take a while.”

“I recently got out of a relationship and I am trying to distract myself with something peaceful. My mom is creative, but she recently moved to Washington. My grandmother lives next to me. She is in her own world, but we take care of each other. My nana and aunt live there too, so I take care of all of the old people’s yards. I am the Lone Ranger of the Community. But I am feeling by myself in life right now. This is as alone as I have ever been. This is the most blank moment I have ever had. That is why I am walking on the beach and picking up driftwood today.”

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  1. Martin carson

    We miss you son. … Very proud of you and you aren’t alone big boy. Follow your dreams


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