I am giving away free lunches on my porch

March 28, 2020

“I kept seeing posts about people not knowing how they are going to feed their kids. I thought giving out free lunches would be a good way to give back. I am giving out Lunchables with bananas, oranges, and Kool-Aid. I am remodeling one of my rental properties and put the lunches on the front porch for anyone to pick up. We gave away 450 lunches this week. The last lady showed up at 7:30 last night. She had just gotten off work and had to pick up her five kids from daycare. She looked so worn out. I just wanted to hug her, but we can’t. I am married to a great man now, but I was once a single mom and know how hard it is.

A single mom who is out of work is helping me remodel this house. She took meals to her neighbor’s kids last night. She said the kids cried when they were thanking her for the food. There are schools in Mobile County providing lunch if you can go get it. But many people don’t have transportation. Lunches were delivered to a trailer park that needed them. It is heartbreaking. Last night I went home and cried. On Saturday we may try to deliver food to areas that don’t have cars to get out.

My husband and I own Southern Brass and sell door hardware to residential builders. I started a rental company a few years ago to provide affordable housing. I started at 16 as a waitress at Waffle House. I worked there for 27 years and became district manager and area controller. I took early retirement after two brain surgeries and both shoulders and hips were replaced. I am a walking miracle. I know how hard it is to raise children on one income and have a heart for others with the same situation. My testimony is helping others.

I am a very social person, not being around people is hard for me. I did a virtual drink post with my friends and it made me feel much better.

I am going to keep doing these lunches as long as I can. We will do this again next week at a different location. If I inspire one person and that person inspires another, maybe it can bring us closer together and we will help many more in our community.”


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