I am here to meet my son’s wife’s parents. Nothing can go wrong

November 26, 2016

“This is our first time here. I am here to meet my son’s wife’s parents. Ten of us are staying under the same room. Fantastic. Nothing can go wrong. They just got married in Atlanta. You meet the right person and that is it.”

“I am related to her new daughter-in-law through marriage. We are are all close.”
“What is your advice for dealing with family?”
“Mind your own business.”
“Stay in your own lane. Keep living and loving every one of them. It is about acceptance and caring. I used to tell my kids one of us is going to make it and I know it is going to be me. I am going back to Atlanta and cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the rest of the family on Sunday. I help take care of the elders. They may not mind their own business, but they are relaxed and stressed-free.”


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