I am more of an assassin’s creed pirate. I don’t have costumes, I have outfits

June 6, 2016

“I started working with leather 25 years ago. I wanted to make a good product. I am a pirate, I don’t have my hat. I am more of an assassin’s creed pirate. I don’t have costumes, I have outfits. Costumes are something you wear to Halloween parties, I dress like this every day. I have a tour company in New Orleans. We tell you about all of the horrible things people have done to each other in New Orleans history and we tell about it graphically. From dying in a fire to walking down the street during a plague such as yellow fever to the man who cut up pregnant slave women and the guy who made his own holes. I will leave that to your imagination. I worked for another company that gave underground, adults-only tours and focused on prostitution and I dressed an 1800-style madam. I wore a sword during Mardi Gras and someone gave me a pirate hat and it turns out that madam and pirate are only two steps away from each other.”

“Were you ever normal?”

“No. I have been an artist since I was old enough to hold a pencil. Everything on my leather is freehand original art. I am a trekky and love dragons. I have a shop in my yard. I do this for fun. I do this, give tours and get drunk. That is my life. I have a partner who does the grown up job. I love what I do, it is not a job. I can build my house, fix a car and make jewelry. I wanted to know how things work, so I started taking everything apart. My dad died in Vietnam, so my grandpa was my father figure and he was very handy. He took me under his wing and taught me everything. He showed me how to fix and build. I played with hammers and saws and had dinosaurs and watched sci-fi. I fell in love with Star Wars and wanted to build worlds, so I took scrap lumber and built entire cities and painted them myself and added dinosaurs and space ships. We weren’t a wealthy family and there were things we couldn’t afford. I got my first X-wing fighter last year when I was 43. My grandmother told me to marry a rich man and sent me to finishing school and I immediately got tattoos. Life is short and as far as I know we only live it once so why not have fun with it. However, I believe in reincarnation and I am pretty sure I was a dude in most of my past lives. I try to picture it and must have been a warrior. I wouldn’t have been sitting around counting money or a church dude. My partner told me I can’t touch cosplay swords any more because a friend and I beat the crap out of each other with swords, broke all of them, and had to buy them. But we had fun doing it.”


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