I can hiss like a cat

July 26, 2017

“What is unusual or special about you?”

“I barely have eyebrows.”

“I have really curly hair. Everyone likes it, but I hate it.”

“I can bend my pinky all of the way back.”

“I can stick my tongue up my nose and make animal noises.”

“I am an artist. It is my outlet.”

“If my hands are wet, I can whistle through my hands.”

“I was an 8th grader on the high school golf team.”

“I can pop my ankle on demand.”

“I can flip in the air and make dough balls.”

“I get sun poisoning easily. Burnt and turnt.”

“I can pick up any instrument and play it.”

“I can make rings under the water.”

“I am double-jointed in my arms.”

“I am good at soccer, but I don’t want to play it anymore.”

“I am good at annoying my sisters.”

“I have an obsession with eating peanut butter.

“I can hiss like a cat.”


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