I do live karaoke on the streets of Fairhope

July 31, 2019

“I do live karaoke on the streets of Fairhope. I have people pick the songs and let them sing. I stick to simple chords and it works out. One girl had a beautiful song that she wrote. You never know who is walking by. I got tired of practicing at home started walking and playing. I need to be in better shape to do this, but it helps coordination and stops me from staring at my hands. I am making a career change to musician. I played trumpet in high school and college. I played Taps at my grandpa’s funeral and haven’t played since. I have always had a guitar nearby but never put time into it. I am getting into finger-picking. In the past, I have turned hobbies into work and I am trying not to do that this time. With music, there is so much to learn and you can never hit a dead end. I want to get my skills down and write heartfelt songs that connect with someone. Music is the key that opens the door. They are curious and want to know more. I used to be very goal-driven. My girls have taught me to slow down and marvel at the world.”


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