I don’t meet men on planes, but he is impressive

August 31, 2018

“I am from Ivory Coast in Africa. I came here because the country is stable. There is no fear of going to sleep and the government is overthrown. That happens in Africa. I came to Mobile to go to the University of Mobile. I got my bachelor’s in accounting and then got my MBA.”

“I am from Pittsburgh, PA. I am here because of him. I am a flight attendant. This is going to sound bad, but he was a passenger on my flight to Atlanta. I don’t meet men on planes, but he is impressive. I didn’t think I would see him after he got off the plane, but I walked down a different part of the terminal that I normally don’t go through and he was standing there. I asked him more questions. It was a genuine request, but he does have a gorgeous smile and is very friendly. This is my first time to walk around Mobile. It is beautiful here. The architecture, the weather. Even with the rain, it is beautiful. Today, with him, I don’t mind getting wet. The vibe here sits right for me. Some cities I fly into, the energy is stagnant, but Mobile is alive.”

“Mobile is different than it was when I came here eight years ago and I don’t want to leave. I want to become a CPA, move up the ladder of a big firm and start a family here. But getting the first job is the hardest part. I am looking for anything in accounting and finance. The job market is harder for internationals because we need a sponsorship. Mobile can be a good market for internationals because a lot come here and love this city, but immigration is complicated and hard to understand. I am hoping that Mobile can help give opportunities to internationals pursuing the American dream. We need just one opportunity. If I get mine, I want to help someone else get theirs.”

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  1. Julie Hoagland

    Good luck! I hope you both stay. We need people like you who are enthusiastic about the city. And you BOTH have great smiles!


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