I grew up in Boquillas, Mexico

March 27, 2022


“I grew up in Boquillas, Mexico. This is a safe community. We are far away from the bigger cities and border towns. Most of the people here are related. I grew up on a farm, but tourism is the main way our small town makes money. I met my wife when we were both working at a restaurant.  The border shut down for 20 months during COVID. That was hard, we went back to working with cattle. After 9/11, they shut down the border for 11 years. It reopened in 2013.

I am also a firefighter. The fires are getting worse. We went to California for two months last year. The fires can be scary. Sometimes we have to run.  We cut back the brush and make lines to slow down the fire. We also help areas after other disasters. We helped feed the people of New Orleans after Katrina.”



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