I had to start over from nothing

April 24, 2019

“I am trying to teach my fiance how to crab. I grew up crabbing on the beach. I am a chef for six months of the year and a nurse for six months in the Gulf Shores area. I also do private sitting. I like helping people and get called to do everything. My house burned down three years ago and I lost everything. I had to start over from nothing. I worked my butt off to get my family back to normal.

My grandmother had Caroline’s Place, a restaurant in Mobile and Pensacola and she always cooked. I learned from her and was driving and cooking at ten years old. I cook the way my grandmother taught me. That is what reeled my fiance in. I want to open a boys and girls home for foster kids in Mobile. My cousin works for DHR and we want to do this together. There are a lot of kids that run away. I want to help kids going through hard times.”


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