I like wearing capes and pretending that I can fly

February 21, 2021

“My name is Wren, and I am eight years old. I like wearing capes and pretending to be a bat and that I can fly. Or I pretend that I am a Ninja. I have another cape with my name on it. I live in Massachusetts and we have been here for a few months while my dad works. I love to read. My grandmother and I are reading the third book of Harry Potter. I have read the first book six times and the second book five times. I am starting it again. I started reading the Harry Potter books in 2020. I read a lot on the drive from Massachusetts to Alabama.

I want to do something that allows me to explore different places. There is a detour, let’s take it and see where it goes. I am excited about going back home to build a snowman. But I will miss building sandcastles here. I guess I can build snowcastles.”

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  1. Dawn B

    We are glad you have come to visit us for a while! I hope you get to enjoy our sunny, warm days at the beach and delicious watermelon, grown right here! You sound like you know how to explore & have fun everywhere you go; that is very good & smart!


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