I love the texture of leather and carry pieces of it with me

April 26, 2016

“I started the leather work about 20 years ago to have something to do besides motorcycles. Motorcycles are my passion. My family is big into Native American and cowboy stuff. I have cowboys in my family. I start with clean leather and come up with a pattern. I can draw better with a knife than a pen. This is relaxing for me. I love the texture of leather and carry pieces of it with me. The stitching is a pain. I have to catch the needle with fingernail clippers or pliers to pull it through the hole. I make turtles because I am a member of the turtle clan–I am slow as hell. For the last year-and-a-half I have been building a house. I am a buy, sale and trade junkie. I bought a truck up in Alabama and last night I drove almost all night to get it and come back. If I get a good deal, I will go get it. My dad had a produce and logging business and when I was 16 I was driving semi’s to Canada. Illegally.”

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  1. Juanita Smith

    I love this bag! Beautiful workmanship! He seems like a cool guy.


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