I tried to be a pastry chef but didn’t know it would be cooking for real

November 25, 2017

“I have been doing nails almost four years. I had a hard time choosing my career. This was my fifth choice so far. I tried pastry chef but I didn’t know it would be cooking for real. I thought I was just going to bake. I didn’t like cooking. I thought about pharmacy but I am not good at measuring. I wanted to do something fun where I felt like I wasn’t working. Some people really care about their nails. I am on the health side of nails. I am a perfectionist and if it doesn’t look right it drives me insane. Everyone who comes in here is different and have stories. I love that and learning something new from them. I have two kids, 11 and 4. Being a mother is hard and I feel like everyone else has got it going on. Taking care of another person besides yourself is a lot. My dream is to have a house, I want the white picket fence. I am getting closer to that.”


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