I turned 15 but still feel like a kid

January 29, 2019

“I turned 15 but still feel like a kid. I am spending the day with my friends. I lost my aunt and grandfather to cancer the past year, so that has been hard. I want to play volleyball in college and go into the mission field.”

“Campbell is always there for you and caring through hard times. Christ is all around her. I am lucky to have a friend like her.”

“I have been best friends with Campbell since we were four. I love spending the night with her and staying up laughing with way too late.”

“She is the sweetest person and never says anything negative about anyone. You can always count on her to tell you everything is going to be okay and make you smile again.” 

“Campbell puts a smile on my face. She will make a joke about what we are eating and then my bad day turns out okay.”

“I have the sweetest friends.”


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