I wrote this play to heal

January 31, 2016

“This is an incredibly joyful, full-circle moment. I wrote this play to heal. I never intended to be in it, but we had to replace the actress a few weeks ago and I had to step into it. It is reliving my life. It was in South Florida where it happened and this place helped pull me out of it. The first time we put on the play was at the Shrimp Festival with our band Long Lost Friend. Then we did a stage reading in Gulf Shores–to come from there to this full production is very special. I want it to go all of the way to New York. So much of my writing comes from people I meet. We are so quick to judge, but we should be quick to listen.”

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  1. Juanita Smith

    This lady is beautiful! Her spirit is divine! Her smile is infectious! Her words are inspiring! Love It..


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