If we die before the world ends, this is where we will be laid to rest. All of my family is here

June 30, 2016

“I grew up as a preacher’s kid. There were seven of us, four boys and three girls and I am an identical twin. If we die before the world ends, this is where we will be laid to rest. All of my family is here. I come see my dad about once a month. My dad taught me how to work on bicycles and how to be a man. We went to church all of the time and got a whipping if we didn’t behave. He preached at a church in Pensacola and one in Georgiana, Alabama where Hank Williams comes from. I remember him preaching about Nicodemus all of the time. His favorite song was “Amazing Grace.” My mom will be 87 next month. My dad died from prostrate cancer. He was a man and took care of his family and worked his whole life.He is buried next to his baby brother, Booker T. Foster, they had the same mother but a different father. I am kin to all of these people. Silas the fourth died when he was 10, he was crippled and was in a wheelchair all of his life. My grandmother died in 1979. Clara Austen was my great grandmother, I didn’t know her because she died in 1948. Raymond, we called him Runt because he was the runt of the family, was in the Army and fought in World War II. This was a little child that died. These graves are my sister-in-laws, they left Marlow and moved to Foley, but they are buried here. This is their home. The Hunters and Jones over there are more of my kinfolks. This guy died young, he was a concert piano player in the church and could sing too. He had an aneurysm. Over there, is my mama’s auntie who raised her because my mother’s real mama died young, in the 1930’s, during childbirth. She was a Creole, a real pretty woman with long hair. She had 12 or 13 kids. The doctor told her not to have any more children, but she didn’t listen. She died and her daughter lived but was killed when she was 11-years-old. After school, a guy took a some kids out in a rowboat. He was drunk, the boat turned over, and all of the kids drowned in the river. Donnell, Sr. grew up in Foley, but his people are from here. He was blowtorching something by a gas tank when a spark went in the gas tank and blew up on him and he died. Jean Girl grew up in Fairhope and knew our family but I didn’t know her. I will be here one day too.”


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