It is fulfilling to make women feel good about themselves. It becomes a hallelujah session

April 26, 2017

“I have Majority, a plus size boutique. I worked at Cache for years and my mother was plus size and couldn’t wear the clothes. I would try to get her the tops that they had but it never worked out. I stopped working at Cache when we had our children and I had always wanted my own store, so I finally did it. It started with an online store about three years ago and our one year anniversary is Saturday in the store. I never thought I would really have my own store. I have always been confident in myself and it is so fulfilling to make women feel good about themselves. It ends up being a hallelujah session and we become best friends. I am never judgmental or try to sell anyone anything. I just want them to look good when they walk out of the door. I am a designer and do alternations and make custom pieces, too. I want to manufacture my own clothing and designs and start a chain and do this from Mobile. When you are young and dumb you want to leave, then you come back and recognize the potential in this city. I love it, I am not going anywhere.”


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