Serving at the Salvation Army keeps me humble and I like the guys

July 28, 2016

“I have been cooking breakfast in the kitchen at the Salvation Army for 9 years. It keeps me humble and I like the guys. It ain’t the money. I get up at 3 and work at the Salvation Army until 8:15 a.m., then works 4.5 hours in the day and 4.5 hours at night as the kitchen manager at Locos. I have been offered other jobs. I tell the Lord and he tells me no. I don’t cook at home. I have been in the same spot for four years and have only turned the stove on twice. It is hard to shut my mind down. Getting home and turning the TV on and turning off the phone off is relaxing for me. My mind is always thinking about The Salvation Army or Loco, I don’t know why. I enjoy what I do. I deal with a lot of different attitudes and sometimes I have to be mean to show them we are here to help them and not to hurt them. I like to play with them too and shows them someone cares. I cut jokes with them. If I ever retire, I will come back and help out and work in the community. I love working with kids. They are our future, if we don’t treat them right, the world will be lost. It starts at home. If you have bad parenting, that leads to other things. We expect a lot from school teachers and police officers, but we need to parent our kids the right way and we wouldn’t need so much help from the community. When the kids are out doing stuff, where are the parents? I want to go back to the old ways and break the cycle.”


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