I’ve been taking God’s word to the streets for almost 50 years

October 15, 2023

“I have been taking God’s word to the streets in Mobile for almost 50 years. I started in 1976. God says to take His word to the highways and byways and compel his people to come. It’s taking a living word to a dying world. I love the Lord. He’s the honey in the honeycomb. He’s the way out of no way. 

I worked at the University of South Alabama for 30 years. I would change out of my work pants, put on a dress, and run out to tell the Lord’s word. It means others have a chance knowing that God will provide. I once went to Australia and got to tell a homeless man about the goodness of the Lord. I will never forget that.

When Jesus was on the cross, he said all souls were his. He died for us to know a more excellent way and doesn’t want anyone to die without knowing him. God is a healer. He’s a doctor in the sick room and a lawyer in the courtroom. He healed me from messed up knees, and he keeps me walking and standing in his name.

I gave all of my money for my daughter, ShaMyra, to go to college. My credit was so tore up, I could buy one bottle of perfume, but couldn’t buy another. God took care of that. ShaMyra got a good job in Washington D.C. and paid me back. She returned to Mobile and opened Ginger and Spice juicery. I was her first investor.

God didn’t promise us that each day would be a bed of roses, but there is blessing and determination in our struggles. He also said to love our neighbors as he loved us.  My neighbor is not only next door, but anyone I come in contact with. My mama raised me to love everybody. 

The Lord used a stranger to buy my groceries at the grocery store, and I am using some of that to feed lunches to the homeless today. I stop and feed homeless dogs, too. God wants us to care for everyone. 

Like my bag says, it’s all about the journey. This is only our beginning. If we dare to be different and find our purpose, we’ll get there. We’ll get there. Why should I worry? I am free. I have love for everyone that only God can give. Not hate but joy. Not hate, but peace.”




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