Losing everything is too devastating to think about

September 30, 2020

“I was in Las Vegas throwing my dad a surprise party for his 77th birthday when Sally hit. Me and my husband moved to Marlow from Las Vegas and bought an acre of land because it’s beautiful here, and the people are nice. Our house flooded 2 feet while I was gone and destroyed everything. Both of us are diabetics, and my insulin needs to be refrigerated. My husband also has COPD. My monthly disability payment is $700, and Medicare and other bills come out of that.

Losing everything is too devastating to think about, so I just throw things out the door. I can talk matter of factly, but I can’t let myself feel anything. I need someone to help me take the walls down, rip out the insulation and repair the floors. Our deductible is $9,000, and we don’t have anywhere near that much money. We didn’t expect this.

I am grateful for canned vegetables to go with the peanut butter and jelly we have been eating for days. We are going to make it through this. I just don’t know how.”


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