Once you have a call to help, you are in trouble

February 27, 2017

“We did not come to Roatan to have a non-profit shop. We came here on holiday from Canada and somehow we met families here. Our taxi driver took us to meet his wife and we connected and started coming here. We felt called and once you have a call, you are in trouble. My husband was a pastor in Canada and God called us to serve, but he didn’t give us a lot of instruction. He told us to do two things, bring my light and my love. His light is his word and his love is himself. For a year we did nothing but sit on porches and listen to stories and learn the culture. We went to weddings and funerals and loved people and shared the good news of Jesus. Tears provoke action and when I started and asking God how we can help these people, a local guy gave us his mom’s front yard and said he wanted a shop so he could make his own shop to sell souvenirs. While my husband, Bob, was building it, God gave him the idea to sell locally made stuff on consignment. We didn’t have the money to do this, but Made in Roatan began with six families. We moved to a bigger shop across the street and now we have 26 families. 80 percent of the sale goes to the family and20 percent pays the rent and keeps the electricity on. It is changing lives. We don’t interview them but we know them, they are our neighbors and our friends. They have to be getting an education. We won’t work with someone who has an addiction because we would be perpetuating their habit. We do work with addicts. One man has been sober for eight days and we refused to sell his stuff when he was whacked out. One of ours bought a car with the money she earned. Pedro’s dad died and Pedro is saving money for school, it is almost paid for. It is so satisfying to be in their lives and do a little to help. I know I am white, but we are family with people here. We want to see them have joy. There is a lot if dysfunction and we work with that too. We work with rape victims and people with addictions. People come in and connect with the store and our mission and find their own ways to help. God told us he would bring the world to us, and he has. People from all over the world come here. My philosophy is whoever is in front of me gets the best of me.”


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