Our business started because of COVID

August 17, 2021
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Our business started because of COVID

Our business started because of COVID

“Mu friend Richard Hamilton was furloughed at the start of the COVID when the store he works for shut down. He started making masks for the community because the only place to get masks at the beginning of the pandemic was from local crafters with sewing machines. I once had a business making swimwear, so I grabbed my leftover fabric and made masks with him. We donated masks to children’s hospitals in Mobile and surrounding areas. We also sold masks to support our donations. It went so well that we created a business and a brand.

We launched Citrus & Cane with masks, hand sanitizers and jewelry. Tangerine Tango was our first hand sanitizer, and we couldn’t make enough of it. We started out in a tiny space in downtown Mobile and then moved into this studio close by, adding lotions and candles. During the lockdown, so many people made candles at home that it became harder to get glass jars from suppliers. We recently started making our own concrete jars for the candles.

I love being an entrepreneur. I’m obsessed with our business and think about this all of the time. We partnered with the History Museum of Mobile for the Bienville and Magnolia Bay lines and were just picked as a vendor with Francesca’s.

The goal is to keep growing so that Richard and I can one day work at this full-time. I’m a server at San Miguel restaurant to pay the bills. It also gives me the flexibility with days off for Citrus & Cane. Richard and I spend a lot of time working on scents and hand-pouring everything. It’s rewarding to see a scent we worked on make it to the shelf.”


(Link to the Citrus & Cane website: https://citruscane.com/)

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