Our son is the underdog here

January 28, 2020

“Mobile has been so kind and welcoming. It is a very relaxed and clean place. We are from Oregon. Our son played football for St. John’s in Minnesota and that has taken us to places we have never been. Our first times to the south was to Louisiana for the Sugar Bowl and this trip to Mobile. He was on the Allstate Good Works Team and that is why went to New Orleans. We knew he was athletic and smart we didn’t know he would be this good. He practiced at the Senior Bowl all week and got injured in the last practice. He sat on the sideline for the game and handed out and cups of water to the other players and cheered them on. I know it was hard for him not to play. He worked so hard, but he is resilient and will make something good happen. We were proud watching how he handled being not playing. He grows us.

Ben is the only Division lll player here. He is the underdog and is hoping to go pro. He is majoring in psychology and wants to help people. His future and whatever happens next is up to God. I have learned to love kids unconditionally, give them space, let them fall and pick them up if they need help. We are excited for whatever happens next for him.

We go back to Minneapolis tomorrow. It is 32 degrees right now, that is pretty nice. We have had the most beautiful cab driver all week. His name is Derick and he has given us every ride we had. He knows so much about Mobile. You should do a story on him.”

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  1. Saphronia D Smith Dansley

    Love your story! I pray that your son makes it to the pros


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