Rain, green grass and fat goats makes me happy

March 31, 2017

“I inherited the herd of sheep and goats after my father died. I have cataracts and can’t see well so my son takes them out now. We live in this cave with our wives. They are making a blanket to use on the donkeys. That is my second wife, my first one died a long time ago.”

“What makes you happy?”

“Enough rain, green grass and fat goats. Winters are hard. It is also hard moving from the lowlands to the highlands each year. We walk for four days and everything we own is on the back of donkeys.”

I couldn’t take pictures of the women as they were weaving the blanket, but I asked them what they did each day.

“We get up and make coffee or mint tea every morning. We make bread, clean the cave and bring in the water. We make breakfast and prepare the goats and sheep to graze. We weave until lunch, prepare lunch and then weave again. We usually prepare couscous for dinner.”


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