Ruby Tuesday closed a month ago and I lost my job. I was one week short of my 20th anniversary with them

May 4, 2020

“I worked at Ruby Tuesday for almost 20 years. First at the Foley store, then Fairhope. It was my life. I did anything and everything in the kitchen and I was the salad bar guy. I worked 40 hours a week and took the bus to work every day. $2.50 each way for the first and last rides of the day. Ruby Tuesday in Fairhope closed about a month ago and I lost my job. It was one week short of my 20th anniversary.

I was walking back from Walmart when you picked me up. I got a ride to Walmart and should have had a ride home, but I was too late getting out of there. It is five miles from my house I have walked it several times. Once I had to borrow a buggy. I just spent my last dollars on food, but I am okay for a couple of weeks. I have lots of Ramen Noodles.

I live alone in my family’s house, but that is paid for. I figure I am not alone, but it feels like it. It is just me and my two cats. I am not sure how I am handling this. I postponed paying my power bill with EMC and they sent me a list of other services in the community that are trying to help

I need a job. I will do anything in a restaurant. I will cook, wash dishes, or flip pizzas. I was good at flipping when I worked at Papa Rocco’s in Gulf Shores. It is going to be hard to find a job because most employers want you to have your own transportation. I don’t have a picture ID so I have to wait for the courthouse to open back up so I can an ID to collect unemployment.

I am from Iowa and came down in a van with my sister, four kids, two dogs, and a cat. The animals were the easiest part. My grandparents relocated to Fairhope from Florida and my parents came down to be with them. My sister and I came down to be with all of them.

Someone stole my lawnmower. I need to get the weed wacker going and take care of this yard. I have cardinals, chickadees, and titmise. My dad loved feeding the birds so I keep it going. I just put the last of the food in the feeders. I can’t afford to keep feeding them right now.

You are the first person I have talked to in a few weeks. It feels good to see someone again.”

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