Sometimes I don’t feel good enough for my mom

December 30, 2016

“I am from Lexington, Kentucky. I am going through Mississippi with my mom because we want to go to all 50 states together. We have done 10 so far. Florida is going to be our next state, I am going to Disney World for Spring Break. I have never been and want to go before I am grown. I am 17 and trying to get closer to my mom. I go to college next year. I want to be a teacher because in middle school, I wasn’t bad, but I wasn’t always good and there were teachers who encouraged me and told me I could do better. In high school is harder to find a teacher who cares. I am an only child and I try to keep friendships and the family I do have as close as possible because they are the only ones I can turn to. I have it easier than most people but my dad is not around and sometimes I don’t feel good enough for my mom. She has high expectations for me and sometimes my best doesn’t seem good enough.”


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