The hair art started as a joke, but it will be in Ripley’s Believe it or Not

June 6, 2017

“The Shower Hair Masterpieces started as a joke. I was bored and in the shower. I have long hair and it sheds so I started making it into pictures and posting it on Twitter. It became an obsession with seeing how realistic and complicated I could take it just using hair. It started out with masses of hair and slowly got more complicated with individual strands. I just use the hair that falls out in the shower. If I need more, I will get it from a hairbrush, but I usually shed enough. Sometimes I base them on current events, TV shows or what I had for dinner. The lead researcher on Ripley’s Believe It or Not found me on Instagram and contacted me saying they are going to do a full spread on me in their annual publication.

I started doing this in 2014 and have no intention of stopping. I try to do one at least once a week. As soon as I take a picture, I throw the hair away. I now do it on the weekend when I more time. I think about a subject during the week.

I am creative all of the time. I have done art my entire life. When I get home from work, I’m often exhausted and don’t feel like doing anything. But throughout the day, whether I’m actually creating anything or not, I’m almost always making connections for future projects. It can be a string of words for a song that I want to sing, costume ideas, or an idea for a future sculpture or mural. I put ideas on my phone and on a giant whiteboard in my room. The hair art is a consistent, quick drawing exercise that keeps me creating something on a frequent basis.

I like bringing humor into my art. I love to laugh more than anything. I love animals and nature. I grew up with a zoo. My mom was wacky and had pigs, chinchillas, rabbits, macaws, ferrets. It was hard to watch lots of dearly beloved pets die. I became very attached to them, they were practically family. When I was a teenager, I saw my favorite cat get run over by a car and writhe and scream in the street. That was a horrific scene that still stays with me today.

I am inspired by the beauty and humor found through truth in nature and in people. I enjoy depicting my observations of the world and often attribute human qualities to animals and inanimate objects. People that stay true to themselves, who are not afraid of being judged and do what they love, inspire me. I don’t have a set artistic style or subject matter in my work because I’m continually developing as an artist, and I still consider myself a novice and trying to figure out the conceptual focus of my work.

I love being here and fostering an arts community in Mobile. It is growing so much. I can see it being like New Orleans and Denver. It is exploding and going to get better and better as tourism builds and residential grows downtown.”


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