The more I give, the more the Lord blesses me

October 25, 2021

“You show appreciation to the people you care about by doing something for them. I cook cinnamon rolls every week and take them around Chatom. Everyone calls me the Cinnamon Roll Lady. I love to give. The more I give, the more the Lord blesses me. If I need something, I can go to anybody in Chatham for help, and they would take care of me. I worked in the lunchroom for 30 years. This is a wonderful place to be where you don’t have to lock your doors

I have been blessed to live in small towns. I grew up in Yarbrough. It’s a community of about 300, and I have a lot of white friends there. Everybody loves everybody.

I always go to what the Bible says. I take people to Mobile to the doctor and do whatever I can. A lot of people don’t care about what happens to other people, but someone has to be the one to listen and help.”

The Cinnamon Roll Lady


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