There is $35,000 worth of fireworks in this tent

December 31, 2016

“I am an electrician from Texas but came here to work for a company selling fireworks. I am not sure how much money I will make selling fireworks. They picked me up in Jackson and dropped me off here. There is nothing around and I have no car and live in that little trailer. I can’t leave unless it is a quick walk to get something to eat. It has been slow. Internet access is slow too. They are selling fireworks across the highway and they have neon signs and shoot fireworks at night. I can’t compete with that. There is $35,000 worth of fireworks in this tent, the most expensive is the $200 package. After this, I am going to work for a renaissance fair. It is a chance to see the country. We are going to Arizona, Colorado and New York. I have to learn the king’s English.”


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