This had been a year of change

November 17, 2023

“I’ve always had a passion to tell people’s stories. I was seven when I started calling Mobile’s sports radio station, WNSP, to tell the stats and scores of my older brother’s football games. I took a little notepad to his games, and my dad helped explain what was happening. I would call the station and say, ‘Shout out to the Satsuma Gators’ and give the stats. I kept calling in. Those reports turned into an internship at the station my senior year of college.

I played golf at Spring Hill College, but basketball was my first love. I would put my flip camera on the dresser and record little broadcasts about my basketball games. My dream job is sideline interviews for ESPN with Nick Saban and other SEC coaches.

I’m a multimedia journalist with Gulf Coast Media. It is my first job out of college. I learned it’s easy to interview by phone or email, but I do mine in person to create connection and trust. I am also a professional photographer and got this new camera a few months ago. I love showing the art around us and creating memories.

This has been a year of change. I went through a tough breakup and didn’t see my worth. I couldn’t eat or sleep. I didn’t want to do anything. I broke down and finally gave it to God. He lifted the burden of my worries and anxieties. I am at peace. It feels good to be doing what I love. The seven year old me would look at me now and say, ‘good job, this is who we wanted to be’.”




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