This is my first time to show my art in public

November 19, 2019

“I played with Legos and painted a little bit when I was a kid.  I majored in architecture at Auburn and fell in love with art. I got a second degree in building science and construction management. I work at the University of South Alabama. Construction is what I do for a living but my passion is art. I paint every night and I make all of this in my garage. This is my first time to show my work in public. My house is full of my art and my wife wouldn’t let me bring my best pieces. I also make birdhouses and furniture. I turned 44 and realized it was time to do something more with my creative side. I hope one day it becomes full-time.”

Here is the link to his website:

(Trinity (Trent) Davis sold his first painting as we finished the interview.)


  1. Les

    Who did the interview?

    • Lynn Oldshue

      Lynn Oldshue with Our Southern Souls

  2. Trent

    Here is a link to my website that I have started.

    • Lynn Oldshue

      Beautiful work. Thank you for sending the link.


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