This is my lucky coin

January 26, 2022

“This is my lucky coin. I am trying to rehabilitate myself. I am on probation for drugs. I became an addict when I was 13. I smoked a lot of weed because my tolerance got too high. My grandfather told me, ‘Your body is sending you eviction notices.’ Growing up, I wanted things and my mother or my dad couldn’t afford them. I would do almost anything just to get them. Now I just try to keep a level head. I have been clean for seven months. The last time I used was on July 20. I am a parent now and learning how to react better. When my daughter was a year old, she was already like a tape recorder. I had to straighten up and be better than I used to be.

My dad wasn’t around a lot of my life, but he left me with little wisdoms like knowing what to do without being told. I am trying to do that.”

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  1. Lequeita J Dicks

    Keep up the good work!


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