This is our chance to make our mark

June 23, 2021
“I grew up in the Camp Ground in Mobile. My father managed the Lincoln Inn on Davis Avenue. My godmother and her husband ran Babe’s Hotdogs. Sautéed cabbage is one of the reasons those hotdogs tasted so good.
I’m a victim of Katrina in New Orleans. After the storm hit, it was the night of the living dead. I didn’t realize it would be that bad. We were stranded for five days in our community behind the restaurant I managed. I was sitting on the steps and had a holy intervention that told me to get in the water and go to the landing. As soon as I climbed on the landing, a helicopter flew by and the crew saw me. They hovered over me and asked how many people were with me. I told them 30. They came back in 15 minutes with help. We were rescued. That was a moment of destiny. They took us to Houston and called us refugees. I was glad to get back to Mobile.
I can’t tell you how many years I’ve worked at The Admiral hotel, but I’ve worked for it under three different brands. I also worked at True Midtown Kitchen.
I’ve met a good sample of America in this bar. I’ve met celebrities, internationals and politicians, but everyone I serve is important. I’m a communicator and like being a concierge and sharing the good things about Mobile. Lately, I’ve let a few in on the secret that we’re probably getting a ferris wheel at Cooper Park.
I saw the change when Brookley Field shut down, and downtown died. When Austal came back to Brookley, the city started flourishing again. People here have also changed for the better. This is our chance to make our mark. Mobilians see it too. There’s no place like home Dorothy. You’ll come back.”


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