This is our first day of summer

May 26, 2017

“This is our first day of summer. We had a picnic and we are going to watch movies.”

“We were freshmen, now we are sophomores.”

“Do you feel older now?”

“Maybe a little more mature, but not older.”

“I am still five on the inside.”

“What are you doing this summer?”

“Going to Disney.”

“Sitting at home watching Netflix and sleeping.

“Going to the beach.”

“I am moving back to New Orleans this summer. I have only been here for two years. My best friend is made at me and he wrote on my arm ‘forever I hate you.’

“What is your dream for the future?”

“I want to release an album.”

“Not fail.”

“For Lena to stay and not move to New Orleans.”

“To get a boyfriend.”

“To not die alone.”

“Those are for all of us.”

“What are you scared of?”


“Time. It doesn’t stop.”

“Moving and starting over again.”

“What do you wish other people knew about you?”

“I just want to be myself.”

“Just because I am black, I don’t speak in ebonics. People ask me why I sound so white.”

“It is hard being short.”

“We are twins but we aren’t the same person. If you punch us, we don’t feel each other’s pain. People do that to us all of the time.”


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