This is where I see the people of the neighborhood

November 22, 2017

“I come here every weekend morning to do my socializing. During the week I go to work too early and come home and don’t see anybody. This is where I see the people of the neighborhood. I got my coffee here and started running into people and talking about stories. Everyone has something they want to get off their chest to a neutral person. I met my golf partner here, too.

I worked for 17 years in the volunteer fire department and retired this year. I am 54 and have seen my share of death and destruction in calls, wrecks and fires. Volunteering was my way to give something back and it was rewarding but it was time to walk away. My dream is for my son to be successful in life. He is majoring in mechanical engineering at South Alabama. It is not about me anymore. I am where I am, my status probably won’t change. I wouldn’t mind finding a bag of money or winning the lottery, but I am alright. If someone needs a hand, I try to give it to them or point them in the right direction. Pay it forward a little bit when I can. Life is fleeting, I try to open my eyes and soak it in while I can.”


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