This store is our dream

January 29, 2020


“My mom had a Midtown antique store that was across the street from this store for more than thirty years. I went into business with her until the ceiling started falling in. I grew up with antiques. My grandma sold glass and my grandpa traded guns in Ripley, MS.  Pam and I met over our booths at Antique Emporium then this store came open. She moved in with me and became my partner. This store is community. Many who come here knew my mom. The people from the Midtown have been good to us.”

“We started this store in September with nothing. No budget, not business plan. I have been doing this my whole life as a hobby. I am constantly shopping at antique and junk stores looking for things that are handmade, made in the U.S., or made 20 to 50 years ago. My house is thrifted, vintage and funky. I started selling because I ran out of room at my house. This store is my dream. Since I was 21, I said I would own a vintage shop and work in things in the back. I love recycling, repurposing, and giving things a new life. My dad restored antique cars. I went with him to flea markets but he was looking things like a radio knob for a ’36 Ford.  Every day someone bring in something cool and I learn from them.”

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  1. Lisa Weber

    Congratulations! Have SO been wanting to stop by & explore your store.


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