Today is my birthday

June 29, 2016

“Today is my birthday. I took my dog to the vet, went to Joe Formichella’s book signing we are going to my mom’s for dinner. She is cooking for me. It is has been a laid back day.”

“Have you been sweet to your mother for her birthday?”

“I have been fairly sweet. More than normal. I had lunch with her today.”

“Did you pay for it?”

“Oh no. She paid for it. I am a broke college student. I am going to be broke the next eight years because I am going to medical school. I fixed the boat today, but I was the one who broke it.”

“I do love my boat. He is bringing his girlfriend to meet his grandmother tonight. My husband works offshore and gets home tomorrow so we will celebrate more then. He has been gone for six weeks. It works for us. I like having my own time and then doing things with him when he gets home. It has been a rough two months. My cousin was in Italy, she was an aspiring sculptor and on her 39th birthday she was killed on a scooter and a close family member was also diagnosed with a disease. I am worried about what the government is going to do with student loans, but God told me to plug along. I fractured my foot in the jungle in Ecuador in May. We were in the Amazon and going to a viewing place and I stepped off the step. Trying to find ice in Ecuador is hard. He went to the pharmacia and bought me some Ace bandages and I wrapped it up and stayed. I went to the Galapagos after that. That was in May. The trip was amazing and I did a lot of it by myself.”


  1. Juanita Smith

    My youngest son knew the young lady well who was a fabulous sculptor and recently died in Italy in a scooter accident at age 39. Her father actually lives right down the street from me. Such a loss for humanity when this beautiful person left us so early. I enjoyed this story and I hope all of her birthday wishes came true!

    • Lynn Oldshue

      Small world. This was a fun interview and a sweet relationship.


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