Today we picked our friendship back up

September 27, 2019

“We have been friends since 2016. We met in cosmetology school. The communication fell off for a year. We both commented on a Snap and said we missed each other. Today we picked it back up. I don’t talk to anyone and it is so good to have her back. I am a security guard at several locations downtown. I have been doing this a month. People take pictures of me in my uniform and the Duck Boat stops and honks when it passes by. I had a homeless lady come up and I gave her water and she was so happy she tried to kiss me. That was a good day.  I also do hair and makeup.”

“I am a firewatcher at Austal. I watch the welders work and make sure there are no fires. I am also a rapper. I rap about whatever comes to my mind. It is hard being a woman rapper in Mobile. But today, I am just happy to get my friend back and I am not letting her go.”


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