We are getting remarried. Our hearts have come back home

April 13, 2018

“We are getting married again on April 13. That is the day we got married the first time many years ago. Last year she invited me to Thanksgiving and then to Christmas dinner and somewhere between those, I began to pray ‘Lord, please pave the way for the two of us to get united again and to put our family under one roof.’ Then on February 2nd, I had a wreck. An 18-wheeler ran into me and almost killed me. I was unconscious and had a brain bleed and basically came to in intensive care at Forest General Hospital in Hattiesburg. When I opened my eyes, she was the first person I saw. I said, ‘God, this is it, you have done it.’ I am not saying God caused me to have the wreck, but I do believe the near loss was what prepared our hearts to know the time was right.

My house is a two-story home off the ground and I am in a wheelchair so it would not have been good for my recovery. Her house is all one level and and she opened it to me with no strings attached. My only hesitation was what people would think of me reconciling in the condition I am in. I asked each one of my kids if they were okay with it. I didn’t want them to think of me as a leech. It progressed rapidly and we decided we wanted to join in marriage again. I talked with the family again and they were gracious enough to give me their blessing. The first time we got married, I had just turned 17 and she was still 16 but we got married on Friday, April 13th. On a Tuesday night, her parents told us we couldn’t see each other anymore. That Friday, we ran off to Bainbridge, Georgia and got married. At that time the nicest dress she owned was a black dress, so she got married in a black dress. Our marriage lasted for 38 years.”

“I am not wearing a black dress. I have to break the mojo. It was best for us all to be together at Christmas and that is why I invited him. I had been praying for years about us that we would be whatever God needed us to be. On Sunday before his accident, we talked briefly about our regrets and for each of us, we knew the other was truly the love of our lives. Then the accident happened. God truly turned something horrible into something beautiful for us and for all who love us. We are so grateful and appreciative to everyone who has loved, prayed for and supported us. The night of the accident my son called and I went over because I didn’t want the kids to be alone. I saw him and asked to pray for him. When I was walking out, he grabbed my hand and said I love you. That started it all. There has been some water under the bridge and the divorce was tough at times. There was fear and I knew the Lord would have to do a work on my heart. We came home and were doing our devotion and James began to pray and I knew the Lord had given me what I needed to move forward. We now look forward to every minute of doing things together. The best is yet to come.”

“The Bible says God works all things together for good. I believe He brought us back together. He has a perfect plan for all of us.”

“Six months ago I didn’t see this coming but today our hearts have come home.”


  1. Dana Hastings Branton

    Amen, that was a beautiful testimony of what Love and Faith can be and do for people! God Bless you both

  2. Drew

    If Ross Newell doesn’t write this song…I will. I saw a pic of one of the children the other day…. it brought back great memories of Citronelle! Congratulations!

  3. Amy Kirkland

    When I first saw y’all were back together. My first thought was what a blessing. And after reading this I know God’s hand was in this; funny how he has to kick us in the butt sometimes to make us see his will. My prayers for you & the children is that God’s holds each of y’all in his hands. From our messes comes His messages! Love y’all

  4. Kathy Campbell

    So happy for you both. I worked at the paper mill with James. May God bless your family!

  5. Kathy Campbell

    So happy for you both and my God bless your family! I worked with James at the paper mill!

  6. Sharon

    I didn’t recognize you Sunday in Church and I don’t even know if you remember me. I was an agent with Alfa Ins. and met you when you called for insurance on your house in Citronelle, back in the 80’s. I just read your story and I’d just like to say that I wish ya’ll the best. It does seem like, reading this that you are meant to be together. I wish you all the the blessings of God on your remarriage and I know that your children and grandchildren are so very happy. I hope you enjoyed our service Sunday, we have an awesome pastor and a lot of wonderful people in our church.


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