We are trying to keep the legend alive

June 5, 2021
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We are trying to keep the legend alive

We are trying to keep the legend alive

“We grew up reading about King Arthur, so we wrote the book Beyond the Myst about it. The story takes place 25 years after King Arthur supposedly died. He has been asleep in the safe harbor of Avalon. Merlin is imprisoned in an ancient oak, and the knights have died. Morgan le Fay has taken Britain. The Lady of the Lake revives Arthur to save both worlds. He comes back from Avalon and battles his enemies. There’s a little bit of darkness, magic and adventure. We based it on old Celtic mythology. We wrote it with three-way authorship from three different points of view to share more about what the characters think. We tried to make it more human.

We’re making a movie based on the book and plan to release it in webisodes on YouTube. It started small and grew into a community project on the Gulf Coast with many volunteer efforts. We have dancers, sword fighting, battle scenes and fights in a tavern. Sometimes making this movie seems impossible, but we keep moving forward. We received a donation from someone in Wales who heard about the project. We want to give anyone a place to try out their interests and talents. That brings the Avalon community together.

Our day job is working with plants in Mobile, but Ashley is an artist and I have a drama degree. I also teach fencing and sword fighting. This sword is a copy of Excalibur. We are trying to keep the King Arthur legend alive with knights and the knightly code. I think many people wish we could go back to honor and loyalty, instead of the chaos that we live in today.”

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