We bought this bus three years ago in Chicago

October 30, 2018

“We are from Switzerland and bought this bus three years ago in Chicago. My brother lives there. We came here for two weeks for two years to rebuild it. This year we came over to start our travels. We left Chicago two-and-a-half months ago and went around Lake Michigan to Detroit, Niagra Falls, Maine and down the East Coast. We are following the National Parks. The Gulf Coast is beautiful. The whole trip will be six months and we have been saving money for years to do this.  I was a mechanic in Switzerland. It was a pain in the ass to rebuild this but at least I know how to repair the things that break down.  Planning is difficult where are we going to be tomorrow or a few days from now. The good parks are booked out and we have lost the concept of time, forgetting what day it is. We have met so many great people. They have let us park in the driveway. Some have fed us and done our laundry. We are leaving here and going to New Orleans.”

“The best memory so far is swimming with the dolphins in Destin. We were invited on a boat trip with a couple and they took us out the whole day. So many good memories. Every day is special.”


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