We got to Mobile at 3 this morning

September 11, 2017

“I am from West Palm Beach. We got here about three this morning. The traffic was creeping. Over 20 hours in the car. I brought my dog and a change of clothes. Not much because we wanted to travel light. I had to leave my cat. My son-in-law is with the sheriff’s department and he had to stay. He is going to get my cat and take her to the police department. I guess he will put her in jail. It was my daughter, three grandchildren and three dogs driving here so we rented a bigger car. We wanted Georgia first. We have never been to Mobile but this is the closest place we could find away from Florida with a place to take animals. I love Florida and the heat. I am a Leo, I need warmth. I am from Germany. My husband had an uncle who moved to Chicago so we moved there, too.”


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