We have laughed our way through this store

June 30, 2018

“We are giving these shorts to our husbands with bottles of baby oil as gifts for our trip to Gulf Shores next week. We have laughed our way through this store and it is our second day here. We were given a complimentary lunch today because a girl working here recognized us because I almost fell when we walked out the door yesterday. I have a salon in Memphis and we are on our way to Chattanooga. I am doing hair and makeup for a bride in the morning. ”

“We have been friends forever and raised our kids together. We have been through it all and have taken care of each other. You have to laugh along the way, if you don’t, it is going to be a sad ride.”

“We only go round once. Even if you go to the same place, you will never meet the same people. God gave us a big world to explore so you have to embrace every moment of life. We have way too much fun together.”

“Our sons are best friends, too. They were once kicked out of church camp. They were supposed to be leading worship and got into a paint fight and were sent home.”

“They have matching tattoos. One got his way too big and had to hear about it from us.”

“The hardest thing we have been through is the death of children. One of our best friends lost a son to pancreatic cancer. We walked through that together. I lost a grandson, he was four months old. We have been through the joy of grandbabies and the difficulties of caring for parents with Alzheimer’s.”

“God gives us each other and we all have a calling and a life to live, but you have to have friends to go through it with or you are stuck. You go through life and think you are the only one who had something happen and you aren’t. We have all been through something. God made us to need people and be around each other. We think we are supposed to do this on our own and we aren’t. My mama always told me that women need other women. We do.”

“We should have confessed up front we aren’t right but we are fearfully and wonderfully made. We just need to care for our community and love each other where we are. We came from dust and are going back to dust.”

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